Booking Through the Appointuit App

March 4, 2019
Did you know you can book an appointment through the Appointuit App?

Booking an appointment through the Appointuit App is easy.

The Appointuit App allows you to:

  • view real time availability of our doctors and practitioners;
  • book your appointment online at the most convenient time for you;
  • view a calendar of your appointments; and
  • receive automatic email confirmations and reminders of upcoming appointments.

This App can be downloaded on desktop, tablet and mobile and is available for both iPhone and Android.

Simply, download the App now from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store to get started with making your appointment at Health Hub Doctors.

Follow these helpful how-to videos to learn the steps of downloading the app, logging in, making your first appointment and managing your profile.

Appointuit Registration

This video shows the process of registering for Appointuit as a Current Patient.

For a New Patient select Make an account now > New patient > I agree to the terms and conditions > Search for Health Hub Doctors Morayfield > Fill out your personal information

Making Appointments

This video shows the process of making an appointment through the Appointuit App.

Appointments can be made by selecting:

  • Next available with any Doctor
  • With regular Doctor
  • Select a Doctor of your choice

Select what appointment type you would like to make, the time and date that suits you with the calendar function and select Make Appointment.

Manage Appointments

To cancel your appointment, select the booking tab, click on your appointment and select Cancel.

Appointments can be added to your calendar through the Appointuit App. Go to the bookings tab, click on your appointment and select Add to Calendar.

Password Reset

After one failed attempt of your password, Appointuit will ask if you have forgotten your password. Simply enter your email and Appointuit will send out reset instructions to your email.

Appointuit Profile and Settings

Contact information, password and regular doctor settings can all be easily managed through the Appointuit App profile tab.

Booking An Appointment Online

Appointments can also be made through our website by clicking on the Book Online tab at the top of our website.


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