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COVID-19 Policy and Procedures Update

We are committed to providing patients and staff with a safe environment for your everyday health care needs, treatment of respiratory illnesses and COVID-19 testing.

Our fully accredited respiratory clinic at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield has been set up by the federal government to take pressure off the local hospitals and other clinics by treating mild-moderate respiratory illnesses and seeing anyone who requires COVID-19 testing. Please avoid using the hospital for anything other than serious and emergency conditions at this time.

We have General practice, Minor accident and illness centre, Respiratory clinic and telehealth operational to assist you.

We understand that patients may feel hesitant to visit the clinic for their general health care needs however, rest assured we are taking all precautions to ensure the safety of all patients.

Our respiratory clinic is run separately to our normal GP clinic so patients visiting our normal GP clinic have no interaction with these respiratory patients. All patients are screened as they enter the building to check that they have no respiratory illnesses, have not travelled overseas recently or have not been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case.

If you present to Health Hub Morayfield and have any upper respiratory tract infection, fever or any of the symptoms listed below

sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, cough etc.

You require COVID-19 testing in our respiratory clinic

Help us stop the spread. Book Now.

In addition, if you have travelled overseas recently, been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 or require COVID-19 diagnosis

You will be seen in our respiratory clinic

We would like to assure patients that it is still safe to visit our clinic and that your health and safety is our highest priority.

What are our current policies/ procedures in response to COVID-19?

    • A dedicated respiratory clinic that is located in a separate part of the building to our normal GP clinic. All respiratory illnesses are to be treated in our respiratory clinic. To book an appointment, please call 5322 4901 or book online via our website


    • Screening of patients as they enter the building, including temperature checks and questioning of the presence of respiratory illnesses, overseas travel and contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases. If you provide false information may result in criminal or civil prosecution. This includes information about the presence of respiratory symptoms and contact with COVID-19.


    • Bulk-billed telehealth consultations offered to all patients. Ph 5322 4902 to book a Telehealth consultation or book online via our website.


    • Increased cleaning measures undertaken to ensure the health and safety of all patients. This includes regular cleaning of door handles, rooms, equipment and all surfaces.


    • Adequate signage to promote social distancing measures. Please keep a 1.5m distance between yourself and others.


    • Use of full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including masks, gowns, goggles and gloves by staff in our respiratory clinic


    • Promoting proper hand hygiene and supplying hand sanitiser within the clinic


    • Treating all patients with respect and a smile


Please only bring essential people with you to each consult

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