Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day


The Advanced Breast Cancer Group
Supporting women living with metastatic breast cancer

October is a month swathed in pink to bring awareness to breast cancer and the incredible work that continues to be done in fighting the disease and working to find a cure. What we ask is that throughout the month, and particularly on October 13th, you see a darker shade of pink and recognise the women living with metastatic breast cancer for whom there is no longer a cure. It is important for these women to be part of the conversation and to have a voice through all members of the community.

Women diagnosed with advanced breast cancer (also known as metastatic, or secondary cancer) face specific challenges in trying to understand and accept the diagnosis. What the Advanced Breast Cancer Group aims to provide is a safe space in which women who are living with metastatic breast cancer can come together and talk about their shared experiences. Whilst they are each on their own path, the women who join the group are able to find comfort in connecting with other women on a similar journey.

We offer a weekly, professionally led group to women with metastatic breast cancer throughout Queensland, connecting both face to face and via teleconference.  The women in the group talk about their illness, their treatment, side effects, relationships, what they fear, what makes them laugh or cry, and how they can find ways of living with a metastatic diagnosis. Evaluations have shown that being in the group improves quality of life by reducing the stress and trauma associated with the diagnosis.

We also offer regular workshops to partners and families of women in the group.

The women in the group value each other’s generosity and bravery in sharing their experiences and in supporting one another. Being in the group offers women a sense of belonging and comfort, it extends their social support and decreases the isolation they can feel as a result of the diagnosis. It can also instil hope, and in the face of a diagnosis of advanced breast cancer, the idea of hope is precious.

To find out more, please contact the Advanced Breast Cancer Group, (www.abcg.org.au) Pia Hirsch or Mary O’Brien on 07 3217 2988 or thegroup@abcg.org.au

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