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Dr Kiren Kodali is now providing Cosmetic Injectables, CO2 Laser procedures, PRP procedures & Body Contouring Procedures at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield. Their area of interest is practicing Cosmetic Medicine with the highest level of skill & finesse.

Dr Kiren’s current availability is every Tuesday & Thursday 12pm-8pm.

Call us on 53224900 or SMS 0474 726 520 or Book in via Hotdoc link below. 

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Dr Kiren now offers Afterpay and Zip Pay for all procedures!

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Price List*

Prices as of July 2023

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

  • *Prices Including GST

Forehead Lines: $150

Vertical Frown Lines: $150

Crow’s Feet: $150

Sweaty Armpits: Both armpits $550

Brow Lift: $150

Gummy Lines: $150

Smoker’s Lines: $150

Dimpled Chin: $150

Wide Set Jaw: $550


  • *Prices Including GST

Marionette Lines: $550

Lip Enhancement Technique: $440

Smoker’s Lines: $400

Cheek Enhancement (Both Cheeks): $550

Chin Augmentation: $550

Jaw Line Enhancement: $550

Nasolabial Fold Filler: $550

Filler Full Dissolving+ Filler Reduction: $200

DEKA Coolpeel CO2 Laser Resurfacing

  • *Prices Including GST

Skin Resurfacing (Face, Neck, Decolletage) $500.00 (Per Session)

Skin Resurfacing (CO2 Laser + PRP) $700.00 (Per Session)

Melasma Laser Treatment $500.00 (Per Session)

Acne Scar Revision $500.00 (Per Session)

Pigment Spots Treatment $500.00 (Per Session)

Self Harm Scars $500.00 (Per Session)

Surgical Scars $500.00 (Per Session)

Platelet Rich Plasma with Mesoinjector

  • *Prices Including GST

Face: $450 (Per Session)

Face, Neck & Decolletage: $550 (Per Session)

Scalp + Hair Loss treatment: $450 (Per Session)

PRP + CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing: $700.00 (Per Session)

ONDA Coolwaves

  • *Prices Including GST

Chin $300.00 (Per Session)

Abdomen $300.00 (Per Session)

Love Handles $300.00 (Per Session)

Thighs: $300.00 (Per Session)

Upper back $300.00 (Per Session)

Lower back $300.00 (Per Session)

Buttocks $300.00 (Per Session)

3 sessions recommended a month apart

Packages are available if the patient chooses multiple areas of treatment

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