General Surgery Procedures


Rectal bleeding may be the only sign you have of internal haemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids, by contrast, can be extremely painful. Dr Maureen is happy to receive referrals from any local doctor who is concerned that a patient may suffer any symptom related to these. Many haemorrhoids can be successfully treated in the clinic setting without having to undergo intravenous sedation.

The cost of the procedure is $450 which includes the local anaesthetic gel option.

Please note, a Medicare rebate is available.

Tongue Tie

Tongue-Tie is a well-recognised pathology that can make it difficult for your baby to latch onto your nipple correctly. A very unsettled baby might be the only clue.  Your local doctor or midwife may diagnose the problem.

From your first appointment until your final discharge you can be relaxed knowing that your bundle of joy is in experienced hands. We ensure throughout the procedure that your baby is not in pain, providing additional local anaesthetic injection if needed.  You stay at the clinic for at least 30 minutes after your baby is delivered back into your arms. Your baby is cared for by a dedicated nurse throughout the procedure while Dr Maureen and her operative nurse perform the operation.

The cost of the procedure is $300 for infants until the age of 3 months. This includes the local aesthetic gel option.

Please note, a Medicare rebate is available.


When your family is complete, Vasectomy is a great choice for ongoing contraception. It is a significantly less invasive option compared to tubal ligation in women. Vasectomies do not alter your sexual performance or hormone levels. It is significantly less expensive than tubal ligation or ongoing oral contraption prescriptions.

Dr Maureen utilises a local anaesthetic gel which is placed over the scrotal skin before the procedure. The amount of local anaesthetic that needs to be injected is therefore considerably less.  Dr Maureen performs a relatively new technique called ‘scalpel-free’ Vasectomy. This is a less invasive technique meaning you will recover faster and with fewer complications. If you prefer, intravenous sedation can be arranged for an additional charge.

Unlike General Practitioners that may perform this service, Dr Maureen is a fully trained surgeon who is better equipped to handle complications should they arise.

The cost of the Vasectomy procedure is $595.

Please note, a Medicare rebate is available


When you welcome your new baby boy into the world you don’t want to be spending your sleepless night’s researching who is best to do your son’s circumcision in your area. We have a seamless system of referrals from either a midwife or GP.

Your young man will be well cared for from your first appointment through to your final discharge 2 weeks later. Dr Maureen is trained in both the ‘clamp’ method or the hand-sutured method.  We utilise local anaesthetic cream and additional local anaesthetic injection if needed, making sure your boy is not in pain at any stage. Your boy will be cared for by a dedicated nurse throughout the procedure while the operation is performed by Dr Maureen.

The cost of the circumcision procedure is $300 (infants) and $660 (3 months – age 12)

Please note, a Medicare rebate is available.

Other Procedures

  • Wedge toenail resections
  • Laceration or skin tear repairs
  • Pilonidal sinuses and abscess management
  • Chronic wound management.
  • Removal of lumps and bumps – please do not order ultrasounds for Dr Hollyoak
    • Sebaceous cysts
    • Lipomas
    • Ganglion cysts
    • Mucoceles

All of these procedures are performed by our Specialist Surgeon, Dr Maureen Hollyoak.

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