Newsletter 10th August


Urologist Dr Timothy Smith Starting Thursday!

Dr Timothy Smith will be consulting fortnightly on Thursdays.

Public Holiday Opening Hours - Monday 10th August

Health Hub Doctors Morayfield: 8am-8pm

TerryWhite Chemmart: 8am-8pm

QML Pathology: 8am-1pm

X-Ray & Imaging: 10am-2pm

Please note, all other tenancies will be closed.

If you have any cold/flu symptoms including sore throat, cough, runny nose, fever or shortness of breath, you will be seen in our dedicated respiratory clinic. Find out more HERE

Our dedicated respiratory clinic is located in a separate part of the building to our normal GP clinic which means that general patients have no contact with respiratory patients.

The entrance to our respiratory clinic is located down to the left past our main entrance.

Respiratory Clinic Phone Number

Dr Sonia Anwar consults at Health Hub Doctors fortnightly on Tuesdays

Are you tired of trying ineffective ASD therapies? Our objective is to help people who struggle with developmental and sensory processing issues get a new chance at life. MeRT Therapy can help to restore problematic regions of the brain to optimal neurological activity. Studies show that individuals with neurological disorders tend to have abnormal brain connectivity, specifically disrupted neuronal connections. As pioneers in the use of Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy (MeRTSM treatment), we deliver a non-invasive neuromodulation technology aimed at improving the way the brain processes information and restoring optimal brain activity. Through MeRTSM technology we are able to uniquely image and map the brain to reveal areas that aren’t communicating properly. Then we use the data to develop a personalized treatment approach to brain stimulation, aimed at optimizing the brain’s activity to the individual’s optimal frequency.

MeRT treatment involves target neuromodulation that is:

Patient-specific | Non-invasive | Non-pharmaceutical

That look on your child’s face when they are now able to do something that they previously were unable to do, that feeling of accomplishment and pride, now that is something that no parent should miss out on!

Please call 1300 428 228 for further information or to book an appointment.

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