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Book in for both doses of your COVID-19 Vaccine now by clicking HERE, via the HotDoc app, or alternatively call us on 5322 4900.

The Australian Government - Department of Health has released informative videos answering some of your questions and concerns around the vaccine. In one such video, Dr Lucas De Toca (First Assistant Secretary, COVID-19 Primary Care Response), answers the following questions:

1. If I am eligible to get my COVID-19 vaccine, can I choose which type I get?
2. If I don’t have a smartphone, how do I check-in to venues, pubs and clubs?
3. Why do the reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines differ?

Please click on the image below to watch the video. You can also read the full transcript by clicking HERE.

Book Your 2021 Flu Vaccine!

We still have FREE government flu vaccines available for eligible patients. Appointments can be booked online through our website by clicking HERE, through the HotDoc app, in person at reception, or by calling 5322 4900

Please present straight to TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy on arrival.

To learn more, take a look at some of our Frequently Asked Questions by clicking HERE.

KVL Cosmetic Clinics - Dr Kiren

The Vivace skin treatment combines radio frequency technology with gold plated advanced micro needling technology. The Vivace treatment heats the skin at a deep cellular level creating a controlled inflammatory reaction to boost the blood supply for long term collagen production.

Clients have experienced great results for conditions such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, skin tightening, scar revision, improve stretch marks, minimise pore size, improve skin texture and tone, help active acne, and acne scarring.

The actual treatment takes about 45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes needed for numbing. Vivace is non-invasive, allowing you to get back to the rest of your day without any down time! Vivace is a great way to bring life back into your skin no matter what your concerns are.

Homemade Cookies Made By 3 Sisters!

How adorable a gift would this be for an expectant mum?

This lovely cookie box was created by one of our Senior Nurses for one of our own staff members.
Please show some love, share and support this small family-run business @adeluxecookies_ on Instagram!

Chiropractic - Dr David Shahar

Symptoms such as headaches, neck or back pain, muscle spasms or stiffness and painful joints can be caused by poor posture, repetitive stress at work, accidents, sports injuries, household chores, and even the stress of daily living.
Chiropractic care may help you resolve these problems through the restoration and maintenance of a healthy spine, nerve and joint function, so you may enjoy doing your work and favorite activities.

Dr Shahar’s services are now available on Monday & Tuesday 10:00am-4:00pm, Wednesday 12:00pm-6:00pm,
Thursday 8:00am-2:00pm, and Saturday 8:00am to 2:30pm.

Please Book all Chiropractic appointments ONLINE, either by clicking HERE, via the HotDoc app or directly from the Health Hub Chiropractic website.

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