General Practitioners

General Practitioners

We have a range of male and female doctors with varying interests and specialities who are dedicated to delivering the best possible care for the betterment of your overall health.  Our doctors have access to first class healthcare facilities and are well supported by our specialised nursing and administrative staff.  Our highly trained support team will ensure that you receive professional care with limited waiting times.

Female patient sitting across from Female Doctor

Women’s Health

For your health and well-being

Our doctors provide for a range of women’s healthcare needs.

Father holding his child

Children’s Health

Caring for your family

We aim to deliver the best care for your child. We provide newborn assessments, health checks, immunisations, and sick kids consultations.

Male patient with female doctor

Mental Health

For your personal well-being

Our doctors are here to listen and will work with you to develop a mental health assessment and plan to ensure your mental well-being.

Pregnant woman

Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Providing care to you and your baby

Our doctors are dedicated to providing integrated patient-centred care with access to a variety of services to ensure you and your baby’s health.

Dr Waleed Aldesoki

All aspects of general practice

Dr Reihaneh Alihassani

Women’s health, chronic disease, mental health 

Dr Matthew Allen

Urgent care, cosmetic medicine, skin centre

Dr Sylvia Andrew-Starkey

Dr Than Aung

Dr Lucy Crosland

Palliative care, substance misuse, joint injections and removal of small skin lesions 

Dr Luke Edwards

Urgent care, anaesthetics, retrieval medicine 

Dr Ahmed Elsedfy

Skin centre

Dr Marjan Firoozeh

Dr Cathy Gilbert

All aspects of general practice

Dr Sam Hariri

Palliative care

Dr Emmanuel Ihezie

All aspects of general practice

Dr Indrani

Family medicine, paediatrics, mental health

Dr Babak Janesar

Paediatrics, skin and musculoskeletal disease

Dr Evan Jones

Dr Zahra Khademi

Mental health, children with special needs

Dr Lisa Kibria

Chronic disease management and prevention with a special interest in musculoskeletal and sports and exercise medicine

Dr Clarice Lantai

Children with special needs, paediatrics

Dr Sohreh Majd

Dr Kylie Malone

Women’s health, antenatal care, nutritional medicine

Dr Alison Massey

Rodney McGregor

Nurse Practitioner

Dr Sara Mohammadi Golvandani

Mental health, all aspects of general practice

Dr Sam Robinson

Dr Emma Scott

Children’s health, women’s health, lifestyle medicine, Q Fever, Implanon and Mirena Insertion

Dr Shahab Sojoudi

Dr Sarvan Sumra

Diabetes, chronic disease management and paediatrics

Dr Zoe Sumra

Women’s health, chronic disease management

Dr Ahmad Tajfar

Urgent care, men’s health, heart and mental diseases

Dr Ajay Terli

Emergency medicine, musculoskeletal problems

Dr Richard van Hak

Paediatrics, lung and heart, musculoskeletal disease

Dr Andrew Wright

Chronic disease prevention and men’s health

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