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Dr David Shahar is our chiropractor here at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield who is committed to helping patients with their musculoskeletal related complaints. 

Dr David discusses poor posture and how this simple problem deserves a simple solution.

Poor posture is an epidemic, that is adversely affecting most of us, and it is most likely affecting you too. Its toll includes joint and muscle ache, fatigue, inflammation and early degeneration, as well as making you look shorter, heavier and insecure. By improving posture, we can improve body function, as well as safeguard against joint and nerve damage associated with poor posture techniques. A simple problem deserves a simple solution. Along with spinal manipulative techniques, Dr David actively engages his patients by educating and equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to improve their posture and relieve related symptoms.

If you suffer from an acute or chronic headache, neck or back pain, you are not alone as the spread of musculoskeletal disorders has reached epidemic proportions. Although related symptoms (pain, weakness, loss of sensation etc.) may appear suddenly, largely, muscle, bone and joint degeneration develop silently over time.

Dr David Shahar is a researcher and a chiropractic clinician with over 20-years experience. He has authored and published numerous scientific papers in the medical literature, in the area of bone and joint decay and helped countless patient resolve or manage their musculoskeletal related complaints. Treatment procedures employ hands-on methods and effective patient home-care education.

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