Rockpool Residential Aged Care

April 30, 2019

A remarkable place to live.

A remarkable place to work.


Opening September 2019

Website now live


Rockpool has reimagined and recreated residential aged care. Creating environments that allow our residents to live better. Surrounded by people who care. Connected to their families. Supported in living their best life.

Our philosophy and approach is based on nurturing the individual by providing them with the space and amenity to live the way they want to live. We do this by helping them to remain connected to their families and loved ones and encouraging them to pursue their interests, passions and hobbies or to discover new ones. While providing world-class medical care and living assistance, based on their specific needs.

Our world-class facilities provide the best possible medical care and living assistance, in an environment that is safe, secure, inclusive and vibrant.

In addition to permanent care our respite care offers help, care and assistance – as and when it’s needed. Often it’s to help someone get back on their feet after a fall, illness or hospital stay. And other times it’s so that carers can have a break.

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