Using Our Height, Weight & Blood Pressure Machines


We encourage everyone to check their height, weight & blood pressure before their appointment. This ensures you can make the most of your full appointment time with your doctor and can learn to understand your health.

Why use our height, weight & blood pressure machines?

  • Spend more time with your doctor
  • Learn to understand your health
  • Fill in time while waiting for your appointment
  • It's fun, It's fast

Our height/weight & blood pressure machines are located outside our individual waiting areas and are simple to use.

How to use our machines:

Height & Weight Machine

  • Please remove shoes and glasses
  • Step onto machine, facing forward
  • Wait and listen to audible instructions
  • Step off machine
  • Collect print-out

Blood Pressure Machine

  • Sit down with feet flat on the ground
  • Place arm into machine
  • Press start button on top of machine
  • Sit & wait whilst refraining from talking
  • Collect print-out
  • In an emergency, if you need to stop suddenly, press the start button again

If you are having difficulty, our reception staff would be more than happy to assist you.

Once you collect your print-out, be sure to take these with you into your appointment.

Have a try of our height/weight & blood pressure machines at your next appointment!

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