Cub Care

Cub Care is a private acute paediatrics service with a heavy focus on patient centered care enabled through technology. They will be partnering with Health Hub Doctors Morayfield to provide both:

  • In-person paediatric urgent and acute care clinics: Every Friday, 12pm – 8pm @ Health Hub Doctors Morayfield; and
  • Acute paediatric telehealth services: Every day from 4pm – 10pm

All the clinicians working for Cub Care are paediatric emergency consultants or general paediatricians with multiple years of paediatric acute care experience.

The Morayfield team consists of Dr Laura Sumners, Dr Veevek Thankey and Dr Luisa Orellana.

Bulk billing is available with referral only. Book in with one of our GPs.


For more information on Cub Care, please visit:

Cub Care

Dr Laura Sumners

Paediatric Emergency Physician

Dr Veevek Thankey

Paediatric Emergency Physician

Dr Luisa Orellana

Paediatric Emergency Physician

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