Vein Clinic

Appointments are available every second Friday 8am-12pm.

Call us on 5322 4900 to book.

Below are the item numbers for common procedures in the vein clinic. From time to time an item number will be used without charge (bulk billed), or charged at a lesser rate, and some of the treatments do not attract a medicare benefit.

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Price List*

Prices as of 21st July 2021

Initial Consultation

  • 45 minutes total

1. Consultation >20 minutes item 36, fee $100 plus
2. Doppler Examination of leg veins item 11602 fee $100

So the initial consultation will always include the ultrasound examination unless Dr McMaster specifically excludes this.

At this consultation Dr McMaster will provide each patient with a written cost schedule for treatment of leg veins.

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy

  • 30 minutes

Item number 32500. Fee $800

Again there will be occasions when this item will be bulk billed or charged at a lesser rate at Dr McMaster’s discretion

Follow up review and ultrasound examination

  • 30 minutes

This consultation and Doppler examination is charged at the same rate with the same item numbers as the initial consultation unless otherwise indicated by Dr McMaster

Direct vision Sclerotherapy

  • 30 minutes

Item number not applicable. Private fee for direct vision sclerotherapy is $550 unless Dr McMaster specifically indicates otherwise.

Closure of Saphenous Vein with injection of Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

  • 30 minutes

Item number 32528 Fee $600

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