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Health Hub Doctors Morayfield is a medical community that provides patient care for our community with business opportunities for independent medical professionals.

If you are a patient visiting our Hub, please know that our integrated patient-centred care model means that you and your family can visit with ease and get the medical attention you require from 8am till 8pm daily.

If you are an independent medical practitioner wanting to provide our community with your services in areas such as general practice, allied health and specialist services, please contact us to join our network of passionate health care providers.

Either way, our professional team are waiting to help you and our pride is to ensure our community is cared for.

Our Services

Women’s Health

Doctors, nurses & midwives provide for a range of women’s healthcare needs

Immunisations & Travel Medicine

Our team administer and offer advice on a range of immunisations for you and your family

Children’s Health

We aim to deliver the best care for your child. We provide newborn assessments, health checks, immunisations, and sick kids consultations.

Occupational Health

Occupational health services ensure workplace safety, employee well-being, and compliance with health regulations, promoting healthier, more productive work environments.

Mum & Bub Hub

The Mum & Bub Hub prioritises the health and well-being of women and their children, offering a diverse range of services in areas such as lactation, IVF, mental health, and pediatrics.

Skin Cancer Clinic

Skin doctors practicing at our clinic perform skin checks, biopsies, excisions, grafts/flaps and cosmetic removal of moles/lesions.


If you’re needing after-hours healthcare please call 13SICK or book via their app. 13SICK, National Home Doctor is the largest home visiting Doctors network in Australia.

Their services extend to major cities and regional centres. National Home Doctor Service is bulk billed and is open for all public holidays.

Opening Hours
Mon – Sun 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

19-31 Dickson Road
Morayfield QLD, 4506

Contact Details
PH: 07 5322 4900
F: 5322 4999

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