Plant Based Treatments

Plant Based Treatments

At Health Hub Doctors Morayfield, our mission is to provide exceptional medical services, including Plant Based Treatment options, in a supportive and welcoming environment. Our dedicated doctors, Dr Shahab Sojoudi and Dr Geoff Cutter, provide Plant Based treatments to meet your healthcare needs.

Dr Shahab Sojoudi offers in-clinic consultations, bringing his expertise and compassionate care to every patient interaction. With a focus on personalised treatment plans, Dr Shahab ensures that each individual receives the appropriate medical care.

For the convenience of our patients, Dr Geoff Cutter delivers telehealth consultations, utilising innovative technology to connect with individuals seeking Plant Based Treatment guidance. With years of experience in the field, Dr Cutter employs a holistic approach to healthcare, prioritising patient well-being and empowerment.

Please refer to each individual practitioners page for pricing.

Dr Shahab Sojoudi

Dr Geoff Cutter

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