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Recreational Diving Medicals

While recreational diving can be a fun and exciting hobby, it’s important to ensure that you’re in good physical health before taking part in any diving activities. Dr Shahab Sojoudi & Dr Piotr Swierkowski conduct recreational diving medicals to assess your fitness to dive and identify any medical conditions that could put you at risk while diving.

Here are some important things to know about recreational diving medicals:

Why do I need a recreational diving medical?
A recreational diving medical is important because it helps to identify any medical conditions that could increase your risk of experiencing a diving-related injury. Certain medical conditions, such as heart disease or lung problems, can make it unsafe to dive. Additionally, certain medications can affect your ability to dive safely. By undergoing a recreational diving medical, you can ensure that you’re fit to dive and reduce your risk of injury.

What does a recreational diving medical involve?
A recreational diving medical typically involves a physical examination and a questionnaire. The physical exam will assess your overall health and fitness, including your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The questionnaire will ask about your medical history and any medications you’re currently taking. Dr Shahab & Dr Piotr may also perform additional tests, if necessary.

Recreational Diving medical fees: $220 + GST

Diving medicals cannot be booked online. Please call Health Hub Doctors Morayfield to make an appointment.

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