Skin Cancer Clinic

Our Skin Cancer clinic is available Monday-Thursday 8am-5:30pm

Dr Maureen Hollyoak, Dr Ahmed Elsedfy and Dr Robert D’Hotman perform skin checks, biopsies, excisions, grafts/flaps and cosmetic removal of moles/lesions.

How often should you have a skin check?

It is important to have a regular skin check every 12 months unless you are a high-risk patient, in which case you should receive more frequent skin checks. High-risk patients include: light coloured skin, history of melanomas or skin cancers, family history of skin cancer, older aged groups, high number of moles, previous sun damage, previous use of tanning beds, or high sun exposure in occupations such as; tree loppers, roofers, landscapers, tradesmen, etc.

How do I book a skin check?

You can book in for a skin check at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield online or by calling us on 5322 4900. 

As Dr Maureen Holloyoak is a specialist, she requires a referral. See one of our GP’s for a referral.

An appointment with Dr Ahmed Elsedfy and Dr Robert D’Hotman can be made online.


What is the cost?

All skin checks are bulk-billed.

The doctor will discuss any follow-up treatment required in your initial appointment.

Skin Cancer Surgeon

Dr Maureen Hollyoak

Skin Cancer Surgeon

Dr Ahmed Elsedfy

Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor

Dr Robert D’Hotman

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