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At some point of time in every man’s life, he may decide that he has had enough children, or wants none at all. A vasectomy is a simple surgical solution for men seeking permanent contraception. At Health Hub Doctors Morayfield, we have Dr Maureen Hollyoak, a highly skilled and qualified professional, to perform such procedures. A vasectomy may sound daunting with many unanswered questions but doctors practicing at our clinic are more than willing to help with any questions.

As Dr Hollyoak is a specialist, she requires a referral. See one of our GPs for a referral.


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What is the effectiveness of a Vasectomy in preventing pregnancy?

The most effective birth control solution available to men is a vasectomy. It has been proven at least 99.96% effective, where the rare cases of the procedure failing to provide the desired effect may be attributed to less experienced doctors (this is a world-wide statistic).  If you are considering getting your vasectomy in Morayfield, visit Health Hub Doctors Morayfield and have a consultation with Dr Hollyoak.

Is a Vasectomy painful?

At Health Hub Doctors Morayfield, we use a local anaesthetic for the vasectomy procedure. The patient may experience mild discomfort during the procedure, but otherwise, the actual procedure itself is relatively painless. After the local anaesthetic has worn off, the patient may experience moderate discomfort  for a few days usually well managed with Over The Counter painkillers.

How long is the Vasectomy procedure?

There are two methods commonly used to perform the vasectomy procedure – ‘traditional’ and ‘no scalpel’. Both these techniques usually take about 20-30 minutes. During the procedure, the patient may be employed mild sedation but a full General Anaesthetic is only very rarely recommended. Good preparation and self-care follow up are essential to ensure the procedure is less challenging for you. If you’re getting a vasectomy at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield, we’ll let you know how long your procedure will take and what you can expect before, during and after.

What is the No-Scalpel technique?

To access the tubes, the doctor will isolate the vas through the scrotal skin then inject some local anaesthetic which may sting for a few seconds. Once the local anaesthesia is working, the doctor will make a tiny hole in the scrotum using the vasectomy forceps and ring clamp. This allows the doctor to clamp the tube and gently remove the delicate blood vessels from the vas to prevent bleeding. The cut ends of the vas are then clipped or tied and cauterised to ensure that sperm cannot get through. This finishes the no-scalpel technique of vasectomy and the plumbing is interrupted. There may not be any sutures, and normally there is no dressings after the surgery. A follow-up check after a week is recommended.

Do you still ejaculate after a Vasectomy?

The patient will still be able to ejaculate after the vasectomy procedure but the semen will contain sperm for some months. There is barely a noticeable difference in the volume as sperm usually accounts for less than 5% of the ejaculation. It is an essential part of the operation to have a sperm count usually 3 months after surgery.

Are you conscious during a Vasectomy?

At Health Hub Doctors Morayfield, our policy is to operate on you while you are awake, during the procedure but a local anaesthetic will be given so there is minimal pain.

What is the recovery period after a Vasectomy?

We recommend a four to seven-day resting period post the vasectomy procedure, depending on the work you do. While most men are able to become active the day after getting the vasectomy, this would depend on each patient and how active their lifestyle or work is. At the minimum, every patient should take at least 4 days’ rest after the procedure to allow reasonably good subsiding of pain.

Can you drive after a Vasectomy?

It is strongly recommended that someone else drive you home after a vasectomy procedure. This is safer than driving yourself. You deserve to pamper yourself for a while after this surgery and to minimise the stress yourself.

How long until you are infertile?

It is certain that after your vasectomy procedure, you will still have sperm in the semenal vesicle (a reservoir below the bladder). It will take about 20 ejaculations to completely flush this out. It is strongly recommended that you continue with regular contraception for at least 3 months after the procedure and have a semen sample analysed to confirm successful future infertility.

How much does a Vasectomy cost?

If you are getting your vasectomy at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield, you can expect to pay a total of around $595, some of which will be rebated by Medicare.

What clothing should I wear for a Vasectomy?

It is recommended to wear supportive underwear that will support the area with a snug fit. This will also help reduce traction pain post operation. Avoid boxer shorts.

Can I shave before a Vasectomy?

DO NOT wet shave the area with a razor. You may however, trim the area with electric clippers if you have the option to. If you are unable to trim with clippers, we will take care of it for you when you come in for your appointment.

Dr Maureen Hollyoak

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability for a man to achieve or maintain an erection adequate enough for sexual functions. It is a common occurrence among older men but is becoming increasingly acceptable among all age groups.

ED may occur due to a variety of physiological and psychological causes:

  • High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.
  • Mental health conditions, relationship issues, stress and anxiety.

We encourage having an open conversation about ED with any one of our highly trained GPs at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield.


Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is slowly becoming a common sexual dysfunction among men from all age groups. Psychological and biological factors play a big role in determining why a man is ejaculating sooner during sexual functions. The primary causes for PE are – anxiety, depression, stress, a new relationship or issues within a relationship, diabetes, and hypothyroidism.

Although a daunting and embarrassing topic to discuss, PE is common with treatable solutions readily available. We encourage you to visit one of our highly-trained GPs at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield to have an open conversation about your concerns with PE.



At Health Hub Doctors Morayfield, we provide a range of effective and safe birth control options for women. Our highly-trained GPs and specialists are happy to discuss and provide advice on the following:

  • Implanon
  • Mirena
  • Oral Contraception (See any of our GPs for advice)
  • Misoprostol

Procedure Pricing:

Implanon insertion ( includes pregnancy test): $70
Implanon replacement (removal and insertion): $140
Mirena insertion (includes pregnancy test): $195
Mirena replacement (includes pregnancy test): $195
Mirena removal: Bulk billed


Dr Sara M Golvandani

Mirena & Implanon

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Dr Tasneem Sultana


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