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Update to Telehealth Consultations

March 24, 2020 Health

Our respiratory clinic at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield has been set up by the federal government to take pressure off the local hospitals by treating mild-moderate respiratory illnesses and seeing anyone who requires COVID-19 testing.

Respiratory clinic opening hours: 8am-8pm, 7 days.

All patients that present to Health Hub Morayfield with a respiratory illness or those that have travelled overseas, been in contact with a COVID-19 confirmed case or require a COVID-19 diagnosis must be seen through our respiratory clinic.

If you require COVID-19 testing and meet the criteria, your doctor will organise for you to be tested for COVID-19 within our centre.


You have an upper respiratory tract infection, fever or any of the symptoms listed below
sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose etc.


Have travelled overseas, been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 or require COVID-19 diagnosis

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, you will not be allowed to enter the building via the main entrance. The respiratory clinic entrance is located to the left of the main entrance.

Please note, we will only be treating respiratory illnesses in our respiratory clinic.

If your consult is regarding another concern and you have the above symptoms, you will be required to return home and re-book when you are well.

For urgent concerns, please discuss with our reception.

In our respiratory clinic, we want to ensure that you and our staff are fully protected. Please do not be alarmed that our staff will be wearing full personal protective equipment and you will be asked to wear a mask.

Book an appointment for our respiratory online or call us on 5322 4901.






If you provide false information to a staff member or health professional in this facility, you may face criminal or civil prosecution. This includes information about the presence of respiratory symtoms and contact with COVID-19.



March 20, 2020 Health

Health Hub Doctors Morayfield will be running Telehealth consultations from Monday 23rd March.

Are you eligible for a bulk-billed telehealth consultation?

Patients eligible for a bulk-billed Telehealth consultation mean a person that:

  • Has been diagnosed with COVID-19 virus but who is not a patient of a hospital; or
  • Has been required to isolate themselves in quarantine in accordance with home isolation guidance issued by Australian Health Protection Principal Committee; or
  • Considered more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus being:
    • at least 70 years old; or
    • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent and at least 50 years old or over; or
    • pregnant; or
    • a parent of a child under 12 months; or
    • a person under treatment for chronic health conditions or who are immune compromised

If you do not meet these eligibility requirements, we will be offering a $75 private telehealth consultation.

Please call one of our friendly receptionists on 5322 4902 to organise a telehealth consultation.


March 16, 2020 Health

Your health is our priority

Please be advised that our practice and staff are taking every precaution possible in response to the evolving international health concern surrounding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you have an upper respiratory tract infection, fever or any of the symptoms listed below

sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose etc.


Have travelled overseas, been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 or require COVID-19 diagnosis

You will be seen in our respiratory clinic


Or call the Respiratory Clinic on 5322 4901

Please note, we will only be treating respiratory illnesses in our respiratory clinic.

If your consult is regarding another concern and you have the above symptoms, you will be required to return home and re-book when you are well.

For urgent concerns, please discuss with our reception.

In our respiratory clinic, we want to ensure that you and our staff are fully protected. Please do not be alarmed that our staff will be wearing full personal protective equipment and you will be asked to wear a mask.

If you are intending to visit tenancies other than the General Practice and have respiratory symptoms, please call the number of the individual tenancy listed below.

X-Ray & Imaging: 5293 2525

USC Clinical Trials: 0423 735 723

ihear: 5428 1600

TerryWhite Chemmart: 5357 8766

QML Pathology: 0481 909 943

Relationships Australia: 1300 364 277

Open Minds: 1300 69 6463

Blue Care: 5432 6900

1300SMILES: 5407 0154

Lives Lived Well: 1300 727 957

Carers QLD: 0419 834 004

Brain Treatment Centre: 1300 428 228

Peach Tree: 5322 4900

Philips Sleepeasy: 5322 4900

atWork Australia: 5322 4900

MyIVF: 5322 4900

Vision Australia: 5322 4900

Have you listened to Coronacast?

Coronacast is a podcast that helps to answer your questions about COVID19.

This podcast breaks down the latest news and research to help you understand how the world is living through an epidemic.

Listen to the podcast HERE

March 10, 2020 Events

When: Saturday 14th & 21st March, 9am-2pm

Cost: $10pp

Where: In the Peach Tree Playroom
Health Hub Morayfield
19-31 Dickson Road, Morayfield


What is Circle of Security?

Circle of Security (CoS) is a relationship-based early intervention program designed to enhance attachment security between parents and children. From the moment children are born, they are doing their best to communicate their needs. CoS helps us understand our children's needs. These workshops are a safe space to explore and support our parenting and understand how to relate to our children.


Who Should Attend?

Parents and caregivers of children aged 0-8 years. It is recommended that caregivers arrange childcare for their children due to the nature of the therapeutic work covered.


Enquiries and Bookings: Email


March 9, 2020 Health

Our Flu Immunisation Clinic will start on 23rd March.

Book your Flu Vaccine Now!





Health Hub Doctors Morayfield are running a Flu Immunsation Clinic and are providing $14.98 private flu vaccines for patients.

Appointments for the Flu Shot can be made online through our website, through the HotDoc App, in person at reception or by calling 07 5322 4900.

Free government flu vaccines for eligible patients will be available in April.

Please note, our Flu Immunisation Clinic will be consulting from TerryWhite Chemmart onsite. Please present to the pharmacy on arrival.

Below are some frequently asked questions about our Flu Immunisation Clinic to assist you.

What's Involved?

Appointments can be booked:

  • online through our website
  • through the HotDoc app
  • in person at reception
  • by calling 07 5322 4900.

After booking your appointment, please enter through the main reception and inform one of our friendly receptionists you’ve arrived for your flu vaccine. If it’s your first time at our Practice, it’s advised you arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of your appointment time to complete our new patient form. Once this is completed, please ask one of our receptionists to point you in the direction of our height, weight, and blood pressure machines which we ask you to use to help our doctors help you.

Your doctor will ask you about your vaccination history and allergies, and then transfer you to one of our nurses who will confirm your allergies again. This nurse will complete your vaccination form for you to hand to reception. The out-of-pocket cost will be $14.98. You must wait 15 minutes after the vaccination before leaving.

What is the Flu?

Influenza (or the flu) is a highly contagious, acute viral infection that spreads easily from person to person. The flu can spread from person to person by:

  • Droplets spreading from an infected person when they cough, sneeze or talk,
  • Touching surfaces contaminated by infected droplets (including hands, remote controls, phones, keyboards and door handles) and then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes.

Signs and Symptoms:

Symptoms usually appear 1 to 3 days after becoming infected.

The symptoms of flu can include:

  • fever
  • sore throat
  • dry cough
  • headache
  • muscle and joint pain
  • tiredness or extreme exhaustion

In the elderly, fever may be absent and the only signs and symptoms of flu may be:

  • confusion
  • shortness of breath
  • worsening of a chronic condition

Why Vaccinate?

Annual vaccination is the best way to reduce the risk of getting the flu and its complications. Vaccination is encouraged to protect family/friends with lowered immunity (babies, grandparents etc). The period where the flu is at its peak of circulation is around June to September, but it is never too late to vaccinate as it can potentially circulate all year round.

The vaccine does not contain live flu viruses and cannot cause flu. However, some people may experience mild flu-like symptoms for up to 48 hours as their immune system responds to the vaccine.

Are there side effects of the flu vaccine?

There are some very mild and short term common side effects associated with flu vaccination, normally lasting no more than 48 hours. These side effects may be more noticeable in children under five years of age. Side effects include:

  • Drowsiness or tiredness
  • Muscle aches
  • Localised pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site
  • Occasionally, an injection-site lump (nodule) that may last many weeks but needs no treatment
  • Low-grade temperature (fever)

Very rarely do more serious side effects can occur. These tend to be allergic (anaphylactic) reactions to components in the vaccine.

If you are concerned that your side effects are persisting for too long, or they increase in severity, or become concerning to you, please book an appointment or walk in and see one of our GP’s or, if required, call 000.

Who is entitled to received a free flu vaccine?

Please note, Government vaccines will be available at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield in April.

  • All children aged 6 months up to 5 years of age
  • Adults aged 65 years and over
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are aged 6 months and over
  • Pregnant women during any trimester
  • People aged six months and over with medical conditions that can lead to complications from influenza such as people who:
    • have heart disease; or
    • have lung disease or asthma; or
    • have another chronic illness, including diabetes and renal failure; or
    • have a chronic neurological condition, including multiple sclerosis and seizure disorders; or
    • have an immune compromising condition, including HIV infection; or are aged five to 10 years and are receiving long-term aspirin therapy, or are pregnant

If you meet any of the above criteria, please speak with one of our GP’s about vaccination under the National Immunisation Program.

When is flu vaccination not appropriate?

For some patients, vaccination may not be appropriate. People who this might apply to include;

  • Patients who currently have an illness resulting in a fever greater than or equal to 38.5oC
  • People with a lowered immunity caused by either a medical condition or medical treatment.
  • People who have had a severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis following a previous dose of the vaccine in question, or to a component of the vaccine.
  • Patient with a history of Guillian Barré syndrome
  • Patient with a bleeding disorder

Please discuss this with one of our GP’s if you are unsure as to whether the flu vaccine is appropriate for you.

Am I able to receive a statement of vaccination?

Upon request you will be provided with a statement that includes:

  • Name and date of birth
  • All vaccine details
  • Date and time of vaccination
  • General Practice information
  • Name of the nurse who administered the vaccination

March 1, 2020 Events

Interested in weight loss surgery?

Dr Baxter and the team from Sunshine Coast Medical Weight Loss Centre will be presenting a FREE information evening at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield on Thursday 12th March, 5:30pm.

This is a great opportunity for all those who are considering or interested in finding our more about Bariatric surgery.

Call 5444 8594 or email to register your interest









Dr Ian Baxter is an Upper Gastrointestinal and Metabolic Surgeon.

Dr Baxter completed his medical degree at the University of Queensland and completed his surgical training at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. His post fellowship training was at Bath and Edinburgh in upper gastrointestinal surgery. He returned to work in Queensland in 1997 as Director of Surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Brisbane, and settled on the Sunshine Coast with his family in 1998.

Dr Baxter was the first to start performing bariatric surgery on the Sunshine Coast and has been doing this for the past 20 years at the Buderim Private Hospital.

Dr Baxter is an Australian trained general surgeon with a special interest in upper gastrointestinal surgery, bariatric surgery and laparoscopic hernia surgery. Dr Baxter is a fellow of The Royal Australian College of Surgeons and has been since 1995.

February 24, 2020 Skin Cancer

Dr Mignonette Tamayo will be joining the Health Hub Doctors Morayfield team on Monday 2nd March.

Dr Mignonette’s passion and training is on Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery. She loves the challenge of finding the lesion and leaving “her signature” with a minimal or hardly visible scar post excision. Dr Mignonette’s commitment is to deliver quality patient care and evidence-based medicine and surgery. Good patient rapport is essential in every patient encounter.

Dr Mignonette will be performing skin checks, biopsies, simple excisions and cosmetic removal of moles/lesions.

Our Skin Centre will be available from 8:30am-5:30pm Monday-Thursday.

Please note, skin checks will incur a $75 consult fee. Skin Checks will only be bulk-billed for concession card holders and those under 16 years of age.


February 14, 2020 Specialists

Over the past two weeks, we have welcomed two new specialists to our Health Hub Doctors Morayfield team.

Dr Akshay Mishra - Cardiologist

Dr Mishra completed his MBBS and MD at the Armed Forces Medical College, India and served in the Indian Army for ten years, two of which were with the Special Forces.

Upon moving to Australia, Dr Mishra initially trained at the Canberra Hospital before moving to Queensland where he trained in Cardiology at the Gold Coast and Prince Charles Hospitals. In 2009, Dr Mishra moved to the US to pursue a fellowship in Interventional Cardiology at the Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, where he trained extensively in coronary and peripheral procedures with Dr Gary Roubin. Upon his return to Australia, Akshay continued his training in Canberra before moving to Brisbane to join The Prince Charles Hospital as a Staff Specialist. Akshay also joined Heart Care Partners working part time with them at the Mater Private Hospital, where he established a successful and popular practice. Akshay then chose to consolidate his practice on Brisbane’s northside and started his private practice at the Holy Spirit Northside Private Hospital in 2014 whilst continuing with his public work with The Prince Charles Hospital. He is also a Senior Lecturer with the School of Medicine, University of Queensland.

Areas of Special Interest/Expertise

  • Primary angioplasty for acute myocardial infarction.
  • Complex coronary and peripheral interventions and carotid stenting. CTCA imaging and imaging modalities to evaluate coronary and structural heart disease.

Dr Akshay Mishra consults from Purple rooms 46 and 47 on a monthly basis.

See your GP for a referral.

Dr Roshini D'Souza - Renal Physician







Dr Roshini D’Souza obtained her MBChB from the University of Dundee, Scotland in 2004. She commenced her medical training at the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesborough, UK prior to moving to Australia.

Dr D’Souza completed her basic physician training and the majority of her advanced training at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. This provided her with extensive exposure in general nephrology and renal transplantation.

In addition, Dr D’Souza also completed a year of training at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital with vast experience in vasculitis and management of CKD patients in the community. Dr D’Souza received her FRACP in 2013.

Her special interests are in Chronic Kidney Disease, Acute Kidney Injury in the ICU setting, Renal anaemia, Bone Mineral complications of Chronic Kidney Disease, Resistant Hypertension, Renal replacement therapy and renal transplantation.

Dr D’Souza is dedicated to providing a renal consulting service within the hospital. She strives to achieve the best outcomes for her patients with a focus on evidence based medicine.

Dr Roshini D'Souza consults fortnightly on Mondays

See your GP for a referral.

January 17, 2020 Community

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by the bushfires currently devastating parts of Australia.

Please donate at the box at reception to help us raise much-needed funds for those impacted by these bushfires. Every cent counts!

All money raised will be donated to The Salvation Army's Disaster Appeal and Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief.

Donations can also be made via the links below:

The Salvation Army

The Australian Red Cross

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