90,000 Vaccines Administered


90,000 Vaccines Administered

Since March this year our team at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield have been extremely busy vaccinating the community against COVID-19.

We are very proud to announce, that as of November 30th our vaccination clinic has administered over 90,000 COVID-19 vaccines!

We would like to say a special thanks to all of our patients who have received their vaccination at our clinic and are doing their part to protect the community against the virus.

Please book in for your COVID-19 vaccine via HERE or through the HotDoc app.

Mark Ryan MP Celebratory Visit

Local MP Mark Ryan visited Health Hub Doctors Morayfield to celebrate the achievement of 90,000 vaccines administered at our Vaccination Clinic.

We would like to thank Mark and his team for their ongoing support.

Please read our official Media Release HERE.

150,000 Current Patients at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield

This week Health Hub Doctors Morayfield reached another HUGE milestone.

We now have 150,000 current patients across our centre including our Respiratory Clinic and Vaccination Clinic!

We thank our patients for their ongoing support and hope they continue visiting the hub for all their healthcare needs.

Patients can book appointments to our centre by visiting HERE, through the HotDoc app or by calling 07 5322 4900.

COVID-19 Booster Reminders

Have you received your COVID-19 booster reminder? All patients who received their COVID-19 vaccine at our Vaccination Clinic will receive a text message reminder when they’re eligible for a booster dose.

To be eligible for a booster dose:
•  You must be 18 years of age and older; and
•  It must be 6 months or longer since your second dose of any of the COVID-19 vaccines

You can book in your booster dose HERE or through the HotDoc app.

If you’re unsure when you received your second does, please check via your myGov account? www.my.gov.au/loginservices/main/login

Respiratory Clinic

Health Hub Doctors Morayfield has a dedicated respiratory clinic for COVID-19 testing. Bookings are essential while consultations are free.

Our respiratory clinic is OPEN everyday, 8am-8pm.

If you have no or minimal symptoms, but have visited an identified hot spot, please use our COVID-19 TEST ONLY booking spots which will fast track your visit: Book HERE.

If you have Respiratory symptoms that need treatment, then book a RESPIRATORY CLINIC booking: Book HERE.

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