The FotoFinder is a state-of-the-art solution for early detection of melanoma!

This computer-assisted technology is slowly becoming the standard for accurate skin imaging. Skin specialists do not need to rely solely on their naked eye or a magnifying glass to examine individual moles on the body.

The FotoFinder ATBM procedure offers an Automated Total Body Mapping system which scans and takes images of the entire skin surface in a painless manner. Every inch of your body is examined for atypical moles, which are then recorded and stored for further analysis.

Dr Maureen Hollyoak and Dr Ahmed Elsedfy perform skin checks at Health Hub Doctors Morayfield using FotoFinder.

You can book in for a skin check online or by calling us on 5322 4900. 

As Dr Maureen Hollyoak is a specialist, she requires a referral. See one of our GP’s for a referral. An appointment with Dr Ahmed Elsedfy can be made online.


Dr Maureen Hollyoak

Skin Cancer Doctor

Dr Ahmed Elsedfy

Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor

  • Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Why the FotoFinder ATBM?

The FotoFinder ATBM procedure creates a map of all your moles, i.e., a Body Map, and monitors it over time. Images are taken for your entire skin surface and these are stored in the system. All moles, birthmarks, atypical spots, and abnormal lesions are microscopically analysed for any malignancies. This way, each individual mole on your body is detected in the quickest and most efficient way which enables early melanoma detection.

How is the procedure conducted?

You will be required to undress to the level of your comfort. You will then need to stand in front of the FotoFinder ATBM camera. A female nurse will take your photographs which are stored in the system. Once the full body imaging is completed, our Skin Specialists will review the images, analyse any malignancies, and discuss your body’s skin exam. Our specialists can also perform a skin exam with their handheld dermatoscope. This helps identify moles which require further magnified imaging.

What should I wear during the FotoFinder photography session?

We request all patients to wear clothing and shoes which are easy to take off. Regular undergarments, preferably in black, are required to be worn. We do not recommend boxer shorts. Patients will be asked to remove all jewellery such as watches, earrings, chains and other piercings. Please do not wear any makeup including lipstick, eyeliner, and nail polish. Self-tanning products should not be used up to a week before the procedure. If you have a significant amount of hair on your chest, arms, legs, back, stomach, or any other area which may limit the results of the scan, we request you to trim or shave such areas. You will need to be as bare skinned as possible to get the most accurate results.

How many sessions do I need with the FotoFinder?

An initial full body mapping session is sufficient to identify all spots and moles on your body. However, over time, if you notice any new spots, moles, lesions or skin discolorations, we urge you to have another full body scan done.

How do I monitor changes in my moles?

After your first FotoFinder session, you must continue to monitor and check for any new moles, spots, lesions, or discolorations which are not healing within 4 weeks. If your skin does change, and you are unsure, please book in an appointment for a skin check with one of our skin specialists.

How much would it cost me?

A full body mapping will cost $200.

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