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Have you thought about skin checks?

Living in Queensland, skin checks are extremely important as the harsh sun can be damaging to your skin. Regular skin checks can increase the chance of early detection in patients with skin cancer, giving them a higher chance of successful treatment. Skin checks are quick, easy and life saving!

As well as skin checks, our skin doctors perform, biopsies, excisions, grafts/flaps and cosmetic removal of moles/lesions.

If you're due a check, or you'd just like peace of mind, book online now!

The FotoFinder is a state-of-the-art solution for early detection of melanoma! The FotoFinder offers an Automated Total Body Mapping system which scans and takes images of the entire skin surface in a painless manner.

The FotoFinder thoroughly examines your body while recording data and images for future analysis, allowing for easy detection of new skin spots or moles.

The FotoFinder is available for appointments with Dr Ahmed Elsedfy and Dr Maureen Hollyoak every Tuesday.

At Health Hub Doctors Morayfield we have 6 experienced doctors who currently offer skin checks. These include:

• Dr Ahmed Elsedfy
• Dr Robyn Mawer
• Dr Alireza Khakzadeh
• Dr Stuart McMaster
• Dr Hamed Kordi
• Dr Maureen Hollyoak (GP referral is needed)

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